National Geographic Channel


Hard Time is a vivid and unflinching look at the daily trials of life behind bars in America's hardest prisons.  This documentary series ran for 4 seasons and won a Cine Golden Eagle award for best series.  For her writing, Courtney Thompson Hutchens was nominated for an Emmy in 2010.


Director / Writer: Courtney Thompson Hutchens

Director of Photography: Peter Hutchens

Editor: Andrew Baxt

Produced by Part2 Pictures

Polygamy, USA

This 6-part documentary series follows several families living within a community of Fundamentalist Mormons, revealing for the first time the sacred rituals, traditions, and family dynamics that define their faith and lifestyle.


Co-Director of Photography: Peter Hutchens

Post-Producer / Writer: Courtney Thompson Hutchens

Additional Editor: Andrew Baxt

Produced by Part2 Pictures